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Contract Manufacturing

Investigate our one-stop-shop approach to learn how
hundreds of businesses like yours have improved efficiency.

Our contract manufacturing is a better alternative at a better value. Results are 100% guaranteed. Find out why hundreds of small- and medium-sized businesses have become repeat customers.

Whether you have a single project in mind or are looking for an external operations center to handle your product line, our approach is customized to meet your needs. Explore our range of services for taking your industrial/commercial product from concept through design, prototype stage, manufacturing, packaging design, and distribution to your customers.

You get the most flexible, responsive manufacturing shop
you have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.”

isometric Prototypes— If a picture paints a thousand words, a prototype must surely paint a million. Holding in your hand the physical realization of your idea drives product development: the entire project team can study your new idea and assist in its further development. Rapid turnaround on prototypes, beta units, and first-run production is our promise and shows on your bottom line.

Outsourcing and Offshore Production—Offshore production is a fact of life in today’s competitive global marketplace. Finding a reliable, quality-oriented production partner overseas can be tricky business. Let our experts help you navigate the world offshore and locate the right offshore production match.

Call Doug Korslund at (773) 927-8600 and describe your contract manufacturing needs. Doug will tell you how Orb can help. Doug’s email address is DKorslund@orbent.com.

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