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Prototype and Beta Development

If you are to remain relevant in the competitive world of business, developing innovative prototypes is a necessary part of your business goals. That means you need precision expertise from engineers who understand prototype design and beta development and who are dedicated to quality. Contact Orb Enterprises for experts who will guide you through the entire process, from your earliest product concept all the way to distribution and everything in between.

Custom Quotes for Your Product Creation

Your quote will be the result of our engineering team listening carefully to your ideas and considering any specs you’ve already determined, materials required, time constraints and all other variables. Your quotes start with your budget and end with giving you the best price possible for designing your prototype and its beta development.

You Benefit from Our One Stop Shop Concept

You only have to make one decision, and that’s to bring your product idea to Orb Enterprises. We’ll help you define the product’s entire life cycle and guide you through each step of the way. We may ask such questions as, “How will the product be used?” and “How will it integrate with your other products?” You’ll watch your idea come to life as we quickly design a prototype then start beta development. And once you decide it’s perfect, there’s no need to go anywhere else for:

    · Product Certification · Assembly and Contract Manufacturing
    · Sheet Metal Fabrication
    · Production
    · Trouble Shooting And Field Service

Orb Enterprises provides you with complete turnkey service. Let us create your prototype and breathe life into your creative ideas.

Call Doug at (773) 927-8600, and start getting the response you need for electronic and mechanical engineering consulting. Our email address is Dkorslund@orbent.com.









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