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Electronic and Mechanical Engineering Consulting

engineering team meeting over blueprints You need to meet the changing needs of the market. You get robust solutions to your marketplace challenges from our engineering consulting staff, to help you combat the obsolescence that is inherent in every product. The bottom line is that your market value increases.

New Product Design — Turning a concept into a financial success is one of business’s greatest challenges. Your concept becomes a practical reality in the hands of our engineers, design team, protytype developers and production team. Find out how we can help you beat your competition.

Product Improvement — As a successful businessperson, you know the importance of listening to the needs of the marketplace. Sometimes only a minor tweak is needed to change a good product into a great one. Your existing product line can benefit from our expert input on the technologies becoming available. Let our electronic engineering consulting services us take your products to a whole new level.

CAD and Documentation — Ask us about Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and 3-D modeling (AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, Solidworks, and CADkey) to learn how we can help. You receive complete drawings, design, and documentation required to patent, manufacture and/or outsource your products.

Prototype and Beta Development — Rapid turnaround time on product development is just one by-product of our focus on responsiveness. Your prototype and Beta units are ready for market testing in little or no time. Watch us fit your product into our production schedule more quickly than you thought possible.

Troubleshooting and Field Service — Your systems stay up and running with our engineers working on-site or off-site performing maintenance and troubleshooting. Whether you’re around the corner or across the globe, our engineering consultants travel to support you as your needs dictate.

Product Certification — Your products get the UL, CE, CENELEC, and CSA certifications they require.

Rely on us to give you the straight story.

Whether you’re a business owner, the head of your firm’s engineering department, or a first-time inventor, you can rely on us to give you the straight story. In our dozen years in business, our customers have asked us to do just about every kind of job. But if we don’t have the particular expertise you need — in patent applications, for example, or computer training — we will tell you so and subcontract with someone who does. All nature of electronic and mechanical projects are within our experience.

Call (773) 927-8600, and start getting the response you need for electronic and mechanical engineering consulting. Our email address is Dkorslund@orbent.com.

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