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New Product Design

Our Engineering Design Consulting team realizes that regardless of the industry you’re in, if your company is to remain competitive, developing new products is not optional. And it must be an ongoing process – as soon as you launch one, you must begin the design for your next one.

Your Business Goals

We’ll work with you to develop the exact new products needed to meet your business goals. Our expert design consultants will ask questions and really listen to help you define your exact requirements and refine your specifications. When you partner with Orb Enterprises’ design engineers, you can expect results that are fast, efficient, ongoing and that include optimizing the return you get on your new product investment.

Get Exactly What You Need – Fast!

sketch idea of a contraptionEven if you only have a vague description of your idea, rudimentary sketches, or a picture of something you might want it to resemble, we can work with you to flesh it out into a full-blown prototype. Our goal is always to get your new products expertly designed to your specifications, developed and to the market as quickly as possible. You’ll be delighted when our one stop shop, turnkey development methods take your new products from initial design, to Prototype, to PCB Design and Manufacturing and Sheet Metal Fabrication if needed. We don’t stop until you get to the finish line when customers start buying your new products.

Call Doug at(773) 927-8600, and start getting the response you need for electronic and mechanical engineering consulting. Our email address is Dkorslund@orbent.com.

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